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Owner Stories

Browns:  A pearl of a business

Browns: A pearl of a business

It's not so much keeping up with the Joneses as it is keeping up with the Bilkeys.  The family ...

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Sgraffito:  In the picture

Sgraffito: In the picture

It's not everyone who can say they've been within sneezing distance of Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon....

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Maman: The Sister Act

Maman: The Sister Act

History has a funny habit of repeating itself.  Just ask the sister duo at the helm of Remuera ...

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4&20 Bakery:  Our Daily Bread

4&20 Bakery: Our Daily Bread

You won’t find the poetic four and twenty blackbirds baked in their pies but over a great cup of org...

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Artusi:  A taste of Europe

Artusi: A taste of Europe

The dining and entertainment precinct in Remuera is rapidly becoming the domain of local restaurateu...

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New World:  The Green Grocer

New World: The Green Grocer

Adrian Barkla, owner of New World Remuera, is not a greengrocer in the traditional sense.  Howe...

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The Wild Bunch:  Pick of the Bunch

The Wild Bunch: Pick of the Bunch

It's turned into a very good thing that Jo Mann found herself in a floristry job over a Christmas br...

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Iain Stephens Floral:  Blossoming in Remuera

Iain Stephens Floral: Blossoming in Rem…

A love of beautiful things, an introduction from a friend, and a suggestion from her husband, were b...

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Colestown:  A sweet sensation

Colestown: A sweet sensation

Sally Meikle and the team at Colestown Chocolates have Easter all wrapped up.  Their shelves ar...

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Lighthouse Remuera:  The bright lights

Lighthouse Remuera: The bright lights

Scott McGregor and Simon Lloyd met in their student days, playing rugby.  Now, they're a team o...

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Jems of Remuera: Pearls of Wisdom

Jems of Remuera: Pearls of Wisdom

We recently sat down for a chat with John Lee, owner of Jems of Remuera, to talk about his inspirati...

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Gracious Living: Designs on You

Gracious Living: Designs on You

When asked what he likes about working in Remuera, Tom Davies of Gracious Living freely admits that ...

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Hot off the Press

Remuera Midweek Night Markets

Created: Thursday, 26 April 2018 14:08

Remuera is excited to announce that as of Wednesday 9th of May, we will be holding our very own weekly night market in the lower half of the Remuera New World Supermarket carpark in Clonbern Road.

The markets will be open to the public from 5pm - 11pm every Wednesday.

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Kevin Moore Design

Created: Wednesday, 03 January 2018 13:43

Remuera would like to welcome Auckland based, Kevin Moore to it's shopping precinct.  Kevin Moore is one of New Zealand's most prestigious designers creating timeless garments using exclusive silks and embroidered linen for fabulous and empowered women.

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Paws And Santa Terms

Created: Tuesday, 05 December 2017 10:20
  1. By participating in Paws and Santa in Remuera the public are automatically opting in to the RBA’s Terms and Conditions as follows:
  2. Photos to be self-taken on the day from your own device(s). A professional photographer is also on location to take pet photos which will be uploaded to our Remuera Facebook page which you can obtain. Remuera Business Association will not be held responsible for any damage to personal device(s).
  3. Pets must wait on a lead or in a cage at all times.
  4. Owner must be responsible for their pet/s while waiting for their photos and while Santa is managing your pet. 
  5. Owner must bring waste disposal bags to clean up after your pet if required.
  6. In the event that any animal exhibits aggressive behaviour, we will ask that they are removed from the village
  7. Bowls and water will be supplied but it is your own responsibility to ensure your animals are well hydrated.
  8. Please be respectful of surrounding businesses
  9. Public amenities can be found on Clonbern Road outside New World Remuera carpark.
  10. TIPS: EXERCISE BEFORE THE EVENT: If you haven't already, give you dog a quick walk before meeting Santa! This will help burn some pent-up energy before the socializing can commence

Google My Business

Created: Tuesday, 18 October 2016 10:14

Get your business hours, phone number, and directions on Google Search and Maps — with Google My Business.



Google My Business listings are displayed to the right of general search results when viewed on your PC.

RBA Google MyBiz 1

Google My Business listings are the FIRST item displayed in relevant mobile search results on smartphones. Designed for the large number of mobile smartphone users, options to Call, Navigate to the business, or send details of the business to your mobile device are instantly accessible. Google My Business results are also displayed on Google Maps.

A listing may already exist for your business/organisation, with information gained from other online resources, such as local directory services. This does not however guarantee that the information displayed is correct.

Click here to see the benefits of claiming and managing your business on Google.


To correct or to claim and manage your listing, all you need is a Google login. If you already login to GMail, YouTube or any other Google service, you will have a Google account. If not, creating an account only takes a minute or two. You can create a Google account here.

 Once you have a Google account your are able to suggest edits to your business information, as seen in the image below. You may also suggest edits to any other business.

RBA Google MyBiz Suggest Edit

Suggested edits may include your address, phone number, business hours, website link or listing category. You may also upload a photo.

Note: The 'Suggest Edit' function is available to anyone. Some moderation is carried out by Google, however to manage your images, respond to reviews, etc, you will need to 'Claim' your listing.


To Claim your business listing, first search for your business/organisation.  Note that you may need to include the term 'remuera' to trigger a My Business result.

RBA Google MyBiz Owner

In the above example we can see that the business has not been Claimed, with an 'Own this business?' link displayed.  To Claim your listing, simply click on the 'Own this business?' link to begin the validation process.

To validate your business, Google will send a letter to your physical business address. This will generally arrive within 2 - 3 weeks and will include a single-use PIN used to verify your ownership. Instructions on how to apply the PIN are included.

Note that you are not able to validate a business using a postal address.

Once you have claimed and validated your business you will be able to edit your listing, including managing photographs, updating your business hours, etc.

Tip: When describing your business, use complete sentences that incorporate the important keywords that describe your business.

Tip: Remember that a software robot will review and rank your listing - not a human! Before adding photos to your listing, name them using relevant terms and keywords, eg, not 345678.jpg Rather remuera-gallery-xyz-exhibition.jpg  



Video: How to add or claim your business on Google

Video: Learn the basics of Google My Business

Video: Google My Business Overview

Website: Google My Business

Blog: Goolge Small Business Blog

Blog: Google New Zealand Blog

If you are experiencing problems claiming and/or validating your business, or just need someone to manage this process for you, Auckland-based Alternate Instinct assists the RBA with a number of online services and are happy to extend services to RBA members at a favoured rate.