Reporting Problems

Remuera businesses can resolve many issues by reporting problems themselves:

Rubbish or Reycling Bins not emptiedrubbish bins at bus stop 200

  • Call Auckland Council on 09 301 0101 immediately to log a job if your bin has been missed
  • Remuera Road and Clonbern Lane bins are usually emptied on Friday morning
  • Norana Ave, St Vincent Ave and Clonbern Road bins are usually emptied on Monday morning
  • Following a public holiday, collection is usually one day later

Bags of rubbish abandoned on the footpath

Cardboard Recycling Cages overflowingcardboard recycling overflowing 200

  • Call Reclaim on 09 571 0242 to notify them of the problem
  • Cardboard recycling bins are usually emptied on Tuesday and Thursday mornings
  • More frequent emptying may be required in the lead-up to Christmas - ask RBA to organise

Dog poo on the footpath

  • Call Auckland Council on 09 301 0101 to log a job
  • Tell them it is an urgent one hour service required to clean up dog poo
  • Unfortunately it is probably faster for businesses to clean the dog poo themselves, before it get stepped on
  • Remuera footpaths are cleaned with water by Auckland Council contractors every Sunday evening, so any dog poo residue should be removed at that time.
  • Contact the RBA if there is an ongoing problem with footpath cleanliness

Footpaths that are cracked, broken or unsafefootpath needs repairs2

  • Auckland Transport owns the footpaths and gives permission for various contractors to access utilities in them
  • Footpaths are often left dangerously patched by contractors, and become tripping hazards
  • Issues with the footpath should be notified to Auckland Transport immediately, especially if a health & safety incident has occurred.
  • If urgent, call Auckland Transport on 09 355 3553 or log a job online with a Feedback Form on the Auckland Transport website.  
  • Take a photo of the footpath to upload when you are filling out the Feedback Form.
  • You will be emailed a Job Number - keep this as it is often necessary to follow up to make sure the job is completed.
  • Contact the RBA if there is an ongoing footpath issue that is not being fixed.

Roadworks interfering with business operationcones in car parks

  • Contact the RBA Manager, who can speak directly to Auckland Transport officers.
  • Auckland Transport owns the footpath and carriageway, and gives approval for any contractors to work in them.
  • The RBA should be advised by Auckland Transport contractors in advance of any road works that will affect local businesses, especially if car parks are to be coned off.
  • Affected businesses should also be advised directly by the contractors prior to work starting.

Anything else?  Contact the RBA Manager who can help to resolve the problem.