Street Upgrades

The Remuera Business Association is working closely with the Orakei Local Board, Auckland Transport and urban designer Ian Kohler to make Remuera shopping village more attractive.  The Village Green, 415 Remuera Road, a small green space in the busy shopping centre, is now a delightful oasis that is safe for children.  Concept plans are in progress to improve the Remuera Road entrance to the Village Green including new paving at the driveway entrance.


     Remuera's Village Green, 415 Remuera Road, was upgraded in 2012


The Clonbern Service Lane also leads to the Village Green, but is currently under-used and unattractive.  An upgrade of the Clonbern Service Lane is planned, with the aim of making this into an inviting, pedestrian-friendly 'laneway' that can also become a venue for events.  Local businesses may also choose to open onto the Service Lane.  Artist Jessica Pearless has designed a new lane surface and wall panels that will brighten this space.


Artist's impression of Clonbern Service Lane