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Meet Olga!
I am 41 and I know nothing about injections
3 years of self-massage practice
more than 1000 hours of sculpting and face restoration massage
My skills include facial sculpting, buccal massage, Indian head and classical facial massage and osteopathic facial adjustment.
I can teach you how to complete self-massage techniques at home.
If you believe in your natural body resources and power of hands, then you definitely come to the right place.
My story
As far as I can remember I always loved receiving massages.

Every trip to new countries, especially in Asia, always included massage blisses. And yes, I regularly did facial massage sessions. Massage is my personal way of expressing love and self-care. Massage is one of the best ways to fill up my resources.

After moving to New Zealand, I began to look for ways to care for my face and decided to try self-massage. Almost three years ago I first tried the movements on my face with my own hands, and after a month of morning massages and working with posture, I got a completely different face density and reflection in the mirror.

A clear angle of youth appeared on the second chin left, the overhanging eyelids decreased (although my mother said it was in my genes). Therefore, I was captured by the process of studying massage techniques, anatomy, the lymphatic system and the connections in our body. My husband said that I look younger now than when we met each other!

Now I am proud to say that I am a certified specialist in sculpting lifting massage (a unique technique of deep work with muscles and the lymphatic system that allows to naturally preserve facial beauty and youth), classic facial massage, Indian head massage, and Buccal massage.
I have studied in Europe, Russia and New Zealand, and I combined the best techniques in my hands for my beloved clients.

I am so happy to see the results of my clients that are shown on their faces and smiles and my results are very inspiring too.

Looking forward to meeting you!
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1A St Vincent Avenue, Remuera, Auckland, 1050

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