Orakei Local Board


The Orakei Local Board is very active in the Remuera community.  Local boards have a significant and wide-ranging role; they make decisions on local matters, provide local leadership and build strong local communities.  The local boards provide important local input into region-wide strategies and plans including those of the council-controlled organisations (CCOs).  Local boards are responsible for:

  • Preparing a triennial local board plan and negotiating an annual local board agreement with the governing body
  • Non-regulatory decision-making on local matters, including negotiating the standards of services delivered locally
  • Representing their communities and building strong local communities
  • Providing local leadership and developing relationships with the governing body, the community, community organisations and special interest groups in the local area
  • Identifying and communicating the views of local people on regional strategies, policies, plans and bylaws to the governing body
  • Providing input to CCO plans and initiatives
  • Identifying and developing bylaws for the local board area and proposing them to the governing body
  • Monitoring and reporting on the implementation of local board agreements
  • Any additional responsiblities delegated by the governing body, such as decisions within regional bylaws




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