Lace Art of NeSpoon

Renowned Polish street artist NeSpoon created beautiful lace artwork on a wall in Remuera in the lead-up to White Night.

NeSpoon is highly regarded for her stunning lace art, which transforms and beautifies old buildings.  For three days prior to White Night, NeSpoon painted the wall of 1 Victoria Avenue, creating a fabulous 3D effect where it looks like the lace has been pressed into clay. 

Nespoon Remuera at work small NeSpoon Remuera wall progress small

NeSpoon starting the lace art.


NeSpoon Remuera wall small

Ready for the scaffolding to be removed.


 Nespoon lace art remuera photo marcin rutkiewicz small

The finished wall creates a 3D effect of lace pressed into clay.  


NeSpoon.Auckland.NZ 20

 Photos courtesy of Marcin Rutkiewicz.

For more information about NeSpoon visit her Facebook page NeSpoon PL