There are up to 400 free car parks right in the heart of the Remuera shopping centre and easy to access. With no ticketing booths or proof of purchase required, parking in Remuera is convenient and hassle-free.  To find the best parking hot spot to stop and shop read below: (Some retailers have dedicated parking spaces for thier customers please do ask). 

Clonbern Road Car Park FREE for 60 minutes

This is the largest public car park in Remuera, located next to New World and easily accessed from Clonbern Road.

  • Upper Level of Clonbern car park has been demolished
  • Lower Level Spaces: 129 including 4 Disabled spaces, 2 Parent & Caregiver spaces - Free for 60 minutes
  • P60 applies: Monday to Saturday 8am - 6pm
  • Auckland Transport Board has transferred Clonbern Car Park to Panuku the asset arm of Auckland Council to enable the redevelopment of the site. The car park at this stage will not be removed from Council control. Panuku has said they will look at all options. The transfer to Panuku is on the condition that any development includes the provision of 200 car parks (20 more than what currently exists). The RBA will endeavour to keep customers abreast of any updates. The RBA looks forward to building a relationship and working with Panuku to ensure a favourable outcome for the car park, our businesses and community.

ANZ Bank/NZ Post Office Car Park – Managed by Parkables

This customer car park is situated on top of the ANZ Bank, which is on the corner of Remuera Road and Victoria Avenue and managed by Parkables. The entrance is at the top of Victoria Avenue.  The bottom level is now for Reserved Parking ONLY. The ramp leading up to the carpark is narrow, please negotiate with care.

  • The top level has 30 spaces for Casual Parking (fees apply).
  • Casual Parking - $1 per hour, $8 per day
  • You will need to download the Parkable app

For more information about Parkables and to download the App click Parkables

Airlie Court Car Park - FREE for 2 hours - Best Views in Town

Airlie Court customer car park is located on top of Airlie Court which is on the corner of Remuera Road and Garden Road. The entrance to the car park is on Garden Road. 

  • Spaces: 34
  • P120 applies: At all times
  • Car park closes: 7pm each night


Remuera Mall Car Park – FREE for 60 minutes

Located at the top of Norana Avenue, this car park provides 60 minutes free parking for customers of Remuera Mall.

  • Spaces: 31
  • 8 open customer car parks
  • 23 designated retailer customer car parks
  • 60 minutes applies: At all times
  • Car park closes: 9:30pm each night

Tudor Mall Car Park – FREE for 2 hours

Car parking for Tudor Mall customers is located just below the Remuera Mall car park, with entry off Norana Avenue.

  • Spaces: 19 
  • 4 open customer carparks
  • 9 Seafood King Restaurant car parks
  • 10 Restaurant car parks available from:
    • Monday to Friday, 6pm to late
    • Saturday to Sunday, all day
  • P120 applies: At all times.

St Vincent Avenue Plaza Car Park

Car parking for St Vincent Avenue Plaza customers is located just across the road from Remuera Library with entry off St Vincent Avenue.

  • Spaces: 6

FREE on-street parking

  • Clonbern Road  
    • The top of Clonbern Road provides P15 parking for up to approximately 8 cars: Monday to Sunday, 8am - 6pm
    • Further down Clonbern Road provides P60 parking for up to approximately 10 cars - unrestricted days/hours

  • Norana Avenue
    • The top of Norana Avenue provides P60 parking for up to approximately 18 cars - unrestricted days/hours

  • St Vincent Avenue
    • The top of St Vincents Avenue provides P60 parking for approximately 11 cars - Monday to Sunday, 8am - 6pm
    • Further down St Vincent Avenue provides P120 parking for approximately 20 cars - unrestricted days/hours

  • Garden Road
    • The top of Garden Road provides P30 parking for up to approximately 4 cars - unrestricted days/hours
    • The rest of Garden Road is P5 parking - unrestricted days/hours

  • Victoria Avenue
    • Top of Victoria Avenue provides:
      • P15 parking for approximately 10 cars:
      • Up to approximately 7 car parks outside NZ Post Office - Monday to Sunday, 8am - 6pm
      • Up to approximately 3 car parks - Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm
    • Further down Victoria Avenue provides:
      • P60 parking for up to approximately 3 cars - Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm
      • P120 for up to approximately 25 cars - Monday to Friday - unrestricted hours

  • Disabled Parking - P180 At All Times
    • The top of St Vincents Avenue provides car parks for up to approximately 3 cars
    • Outside 346 Remuera Road provides car parks for up to approximately 3 cars
    • The lower level of Clonbern Carpark provides 60 minute parking for 4 cars
    • The BNZ customer car park provides 60 minute parking for 1 car

Please note: Beyond these points in Clonbern Road, St Vincent Avenue, Norana Avenue & Victoria Avenue there is ample unrestricted parking in short walking distance of the Remuera shops.

Remuera Road – Pay by Plate with 10 minutes 'grace'

There are 32 Pay by Plate car parks along Remuera Road between Garden Road and St Vincents Ave, and up to approximately 8 Pay by Plate car parks in front of the Remuera Community Library, 429 Remuera Road.  If you are stopping only briefly, a 10 minute 'grace period' applies and no payment is required if you park for ten minutes or less.

  • Time Limit: Unrestricted.  Park as long as you like for $2 per hour
  • Paid parking applies: Monday – Saturday, 8am – 6pm.
  • Outside Remuera Library paid parking applies: Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm & Saturday. 8am - 6pm
  • No charge on Sundays or public holidays
  • Fees: 10 minute grace period, $2 per hour, no time restrictions
  • Pay by Plate machines accept coins, credit cards or pay by AT Parking App for more information on AT Parking App click here. No paper receipts, E-Receipts only.  To have your receipt emailed after paying note the 4 digit number and visit www.my-receipt.com