Bakers Delight: A Bundraising Business

The team at Bakers Delight don't loaf around when it comes to providing for 'their' community. 

Such is his passion and commitment to Remuera and its residents, owner Chun Chung, who already provides free baked delights to numerous local schools, community clubs and kindys for sausage sizzles and fund-raising, says his door is "always open for more approaches".

What's behind the huge amount of support you give to local groups and event?

One of my personal mantras is "consistency"; in our service standards, our products... and in what we do.  We're really proud of our involvement with local groups, and have consistently been there for them since we opened 11 years ago. 

What's your background Chun - are you a baker?

As much as I'd like to take credit for our wonderful breads, I have amazing bakers who look after that part of the business for me!  I was previously an accountant, and although I've done stints in all areas of the bakery, I'm purely management these days.

Bakers Delight bread rolls

How many bakers do you have on site?

We have 5 bakers, and around 15 staff overall.  Our part-time staff are mainly local kids, working weekends, afters school, holidays, etc.  I'm fortunate to have great staff, and it seems our customers agree as we have a lot of regulars who compliment the service they get!

What happens to the leftover bread?

We bake fresh daily, and all leftovers go to charity - churches, Auckland City Mission etc.  At a conservative estimate of around $800 of  bread a day for the past 11 years... that's over $3m worth of bread that has helped the less fortunate.  We have really strong social and environmental values, and its a tremendous feeling to be able to help in this way.

Why did you decide to open in Remuera?

The chance to be right in the middle of such a vibrant, friendly community was too good to pass up!

Bakers delight pink buns

Do you live locally?

Yes, I've lived in Remuera for around 8 years now, and my kids have all grown up here.

Do the kids show any interest in the business?

In the food? Yes! Not so much the business as they are probably a bit young for that, although mny oldest does come in and sweep the floor occasionally.

Do you have any future plans for Bakers Delight, or is it ticking along nicely as it is?

We are always looking forward to developing and extending the relationships we have with the community, but other than that, our huge range of products meets the needs of all our customers so there is no real requirement to change anything.

Easter is around the corner, so we're guessing you'll be pumping hot cross buns out by the hundreds?

By the thousands!  Hot cross buns are one of our biggest sellers, with the traditional bun beating out the chocolate version by a whisker.

Bakers Delight hot cross buns

What's your favourite product?

The plain old fresh white block.  Toasted with butter and peanut butter - you can't go wrong.

What seems to be a favourite with the customers?

Cheeseymites are always popular, as are the custard and apple scrolls.  Bread-wise it would have to be the hi-fibre, low GI, white block.  Anything that keep the kids fuller for longer is bound to be popular!

Bakers Delight, 1 Victoria Avenue
Ph: 09 524 5760

Photography by Vanita Andrews and words by Fiona Wilson

Bakers Delight staff with hot cross buns